Commercial Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning Service Houston TX

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include

  • Vacuuming and/or Sanitary Mopping of Entrance or Reception area which also includes:
    • Cleaning and Sanitizing Any Window Panels
    • Dusting Furniture
    • Running Sweeper Over Furniture As Required
    • Mopping Mats (If Requested)
  • General Office or Building Cleaning Include, But Not Limited To The Following:
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Bathrooms Which Also Includes:
    • Cleaning Bathroom Sinks, Tubs and Toilets
    • Mopping and Sanitizing Floors
    • Cleaning Mirrors
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Kitchens Which Includes:
    • Cleaning Counters and Appliances
    • Cleaning, Sanitizing and Scrubbing Kitchen Sinks
    • Mopping and Sanitizing Kitchen Floors
    • Cleaning Finger and Hand Prints From Cabinets and Handles
    • Cleaning and Sanitizing Microwaves Inside and Out
    • Dusting of All General Office Areas
    • Trash Removal

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